Another Bad Planning Application

A developer wants to build nearly 250 homes on the old showground site – East of East Delph in Whittlesey. We have at Town Council already discussed this area quite extensively. Access, Flood risk…which is deemed as ‘low risk’? – Well although I have to admit, this year was probably the worst on record for the B1040 & North Bank Road being closed, this is not to say, that it could become more regular in future.
Limited access onto Teal road is not the answer. The developer ‘thinks’ most of the 250 new home residents (that’s probably in excess of 350 vehicles) will all go out along the B1040. I don’t think so and of course where are all these vehicles going when the road is ‘closed’. I live on the South side of Whittlesey, never been flooded, but this year my house/contents insurance quotation went up over 400% all because I live within 3 kms of a controlled ‘Flood Plane’ I found it very time consuming to get a quote a bit more reasonable. I certainly hope the ‘prospective’ buyers of these homes – should FDC be minded to grant permission – look into what their insurance costs maybe before buying?
I sincerely hope that this application is ‘refused’.

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