Showfields Planning Application

As there has been a vast amount of publicity about this application and letters delivered to all residents adjacent to the site  – I/we as Town Councillors are very ‘aware’ of the majority of the publics opinions and concerns. Duly of course the Town Council has called for a ‘public meeting’ to gauge and more importantly ‘listen’ to residents concerns.
Naturally we are very ‘aware’ of the major issues ie…. Traffic, Flooding, Environmental, and ‘Infrastructural issues.
Again as has been advertised : Grounds for objections must be ‘planning based’ not just a general not liking the application.
After the meeting – We as a Town Council will make the case for or against the application dependent on the publics opinions…..However…..
It is important to accept that we as a Town Council act as consultee only.
Your individual weight in writing to Fenland District Council about this or any other planning application actual will make a much bigger difference – so I urge as many people who have opinions to do so – sooner rather than later.
Personally I am very aware of what and how this application is going….

There is more information on

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