Spending YOUR Money

So now we know….. at Whittlesey Town Council meeting last Wednesday (11th) it was proposed that ALL Ex Mayors and Chairman/Chairwomen should receive a ‘Medal’ for their services. All this had been more than well trashed by the 13 conservative councillors over the last couple of weeks. A ‘few’ of them were against the idea, however at this meeting the ‘get-out’ was a declaration of interest to those ex Mayors/Chairs, so that they could abstain from the vote. I voted (The only one) against the proposal on the grounds, of the cost… £75:00 each (minimum order of 10 medals) + vat (which maybe recoverable) and post and packaging…..so still over £750:00 of WHITTLESEY rate payers money. If these ex Mayors/Chairs of the council would like the ‘privilege’ of a medal, why not fund it themselves. In todays economy of so called thrift,  this is a slight insult to you the electorate….and I hope your memory will remember this at the next election…. if not I will certainly be reminding you…..

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