Proposed New Bus Stop/Shelter Eastrea Road

Further to Council discussion and comments including myself on the proposed new bus shelter on Eastrea road – all has been sorted as can been seen from correspondence from Cll Dee Laws……(Thats of course if there are any buses still operating?)

Reference: New Bus Shelter, Eastrea Road, Whittlesey – supplied by Barratt/David Wilson Homes.

Following my conversation with Adam Tracy,  Barratt Group/DWH Project Engineer.

Hopefully, the following has covered all comments and concerns raised at Whittlesey Town Council meeting held on Thursday 19th January 2023.

The location/installation for the new bus shelter West/East and return of the existing bus shelter East to West

The Location for both Bus Shelters  – has already been considered, agreed and signed off by Cambridgeshire County Council Road Safety Engineers/Officers.

Confirmation both Bus Shelters will be a 3 x unit structure including panels located at both ends – offering as much weather protection as possible for waiting passengers.

Confirmation both Bus Shelters will be installed in Cambridgeshire County Council land (grass verge) back from the footpath and not intruding on the pedestrian footpath. This will ensure the same width of pedestrian pathway without any obstacles to negotiate for walkers, users of mobility scooters and Mothers/Carers with prams & pushchairs.

The new Bus Shelter West to East will be located as near as possible and within the legal distance of a Toucan Crossing.

The existing Bus Shelter will be returned between the two entrances of ALDI Store and Barratt/DWH Housing Estate.

Hope I have covered everything members raised last week.

Councillor Mrs Dee Laws

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