Speed Can YOU Tell Someones Speed?

I am contacting you with regards to speed patrols carried out in the area of STONALD RD & DRYBREAD RD by local officers recently. These were conducted in response to issues raised by local councillors, residents and reviewing of the speed data on the signs in these locations.

Officers conducted 2 patrols in these locations and gave WOA to a total of 11 vehicles. The highest recorded speed on STONALD was 35 in a 30mph and on DRYBREAD, 28 in a 20mph. At officer discretion no tickets were issues but education given around speed awareness.

Local residents were also spoken to and education given around vehicles they perceived to be speeding which were actually travelling within the specified limit.

I have noted that the speed signs are clear and frequent on DRYBREAD RD and there are traffic calming measures in place which appear to be fairly effective along with the natural calming measures created by parking at school pick up and drop off times. STONALD RD however is a long straight stretch of road with less parked vehicles to discourage speeding. I feel this would benefit from some traffic calming measures being placed and residents have expressed to officers conducting patrols that they would feel safer if this were the case.
PC 0320 | Northern Response A-Relief

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