Update – Cambridge: Congestion Charge Plans #2

I wonder ‘if’ any weight/notice’ will be given? – on many occasions when consultations take place – little or no notice is taken from the results – Thats why many are disillusioned to take part*
(*Nearly all Health Service consultations have resulted in the opposite to what the public actually voted for)

Fenland District Council’s meeting yesterday a resolution was passed unanimously to oppose the congestion charge but this had been included on the agenda beforehand.

As the area being proposed includes the main hospital area of Cambridge, which many residents of Whittlesey and The Fens need to access – it is very important that YOUR views are represented.

(RG – I doubt very much ‘if’ anything offered in this package will help or benifit the residents of Whittlesey – The idea – great – but all the benifits are all aimed at Cambridge.)

Try either of the below links….

visit the Consult Cambs webpage.


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