FDC Overview & Security Meeting – Agenda

Within the documents the long ongoing argument(s) for a rail link Wisbech – March rumble on….10 years ago it was going to cost in the region of £100 Million, the latest estimates being an eyewatering £450 Million – almost enough for a Whittlesey Relief Road/Bypass…! – No harm in dreaming.

FDC Agenda frontsheet 05122022 1330 O&S

Network Rail has estimated £300,000 for the next phase of work to produce an options
assessment Report. Wisbech Rail currently has £230,000 approved budget available.
Subject to the approval of the Options Assessment Report option £80,000 to be drawn down
from the Medium-Term Financial Plan, totalling £310,000. £300,000 needed for the Network
Rail Options Assessment Report and £10,000 for any additional engagement with strategic stakeholders

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