Today’s Scam Beware….

While visiting my local Post Office while off duty, I overheard a  lady reporting a scam. The Postal worker assured the Lady all was well, and the Lady left.
Later that day my own Father received exactly the same Scam on his phone.
Basically, a message is sent out claiming to be from the Post Office. It claims that the individual owes the Post Office  £2.99 for a outstanding delivery charge.  It then asks you to log onto a web site to settle the matter. Empty Bank account soon follows.
Do not reply to this scam. Just delete.

The very same day, a bogus trades man called at my Fathers, but I answered the door. He believed that he had been sent to my Fathers address to fix the roof. Needless to say he left quickly when I started to ask questions.
Unfortunately, I did not see any vehicle he was using, so was unable to make a satisfactory report to Norfolk Police.

Scammers and bogus tradesmen are out there. Please always be vigilant.
And please report any cold callers, and bogus tradesmen. Never give them employment.
PCSO Hall ~fenlandnpt
Message Sent By
Jonathan Hall (Police, PCSO, Cambridgeshire)
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