Romance Fraud

Romance fraudsters are scamming victims out of more than £7,000!

That’s according to new data from UK Finance while Action Fraud has revealed romance fraud incidents have rocketed during lockdown.

Scammers set up fake profiles to lure their victims in, promising love and happiness and building what seems to be a genuine, trusting online relationship before asking victims to help them out with financial issues or travel costs so they can visit them in person.


  • Be suspicious of any requests for money from someone you have only met online
  • Speak to your family and friends to get a second opinion if you’re unsure
  • Do a reverse image search to check if someone has used a fake profile picture


  • Share your bank details with someone you’ve met online
  • Transfer money on their behalf
  • Take out a loan for them
  • Provide copies of your personal documents such as passports or driving licenses
  • Invest your own money on their behalf or on their advice
  • Purchase and send the codes on gift cards from Amazon or iTunes
  • Agree to receive and/or send parcels on their behalf (laptops, mobile phones etc.)

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