Is There A Problem With The Sun Newspaper !!!!

The Sun™ Newspaper has upset (again) many thousands of Neighbourhood Watch Co-Ordinators and Members by claiming they are ‘snitchers’ over the Covid-6 rules…..
We (NHW) are not ‘curtain tugger’ or snitchers, I am very proud that our group, like many are supporters of our communities, being good neighbours and better neighbours.
Our role is to help, support and liase with the public and police.
I would hope that the readers of this web-blog are better than reading The Sun™ Newspaper – legal action against the newspaper has begun.

You will no doubt be aware of the unauthorised use of the Neighbourhood Watch logo by the Sun newspaper today.

To re-assure you that we are also aware of the image and article and have been in contact with the Sun and complained to both the ombudsmen and the Sun, both about the use of our trademarked logo and very negative portrayal and implication of NW members and the organisation as snitches rather than the reality which is focused on crime prevention and community strengthening, cohesion and resilience.

We will keep you informed of developments and what support we may need on this matter.
Yours Sincerely
John Hayward-Cripps | CEO

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