I – You – We Waited & Waited & Waited

I am telling it as was…. Yesterday was supposed to be a special day –

A meeting at long last with Police, Highways Engineer, Town Councillor(s), District Councillor(s), County Councillor(s) and Combined Authority Member.
Alas – Highways Officer/Engineer could not attend (Covid related) and Police arrived long before the start and cleared off.

So ‘we’ had our meeting without the specialist knowledge given by Highways and Policing.
We have come up with some idea’s to go forward with the concerns and issues associated with Ramsey Road & Church Street. It is a start…..
I and the others Councillors disappointment with Cambs Highways will be fed back.
As more information comes I will share, I and the other Councillors ask for a bit more patience.

Finally – with the A605 being closed for the past 14 days – there have been No reported incidences/accidents along the Town area of Church Street/Ramsey Road.

With the road being extremely busy at peak times (HGV’s – Busses – Tractors etc) I am pleasantly surprised on how drivers have been considerate with one another in keeping a fairly even traffic flow.

With the reopening tomorrow (Thursday) of the A605 the traffic hopefully will ease on Ramsey Road/Church Street – with that brings back some of the issues of ‘speeding’

Photos take yesterday 11th at 15:45 – a break in the traffic before ‘Rush Hour’

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