We’re All In This Together – Some of Us…

We have ‘an idiot’ locally who cruises in his noisey ‘banger’ several times daily, he often has his mate(s) messing about with tuning up the old banger…His neighbours ask what is the point of even reporting him as they doubt very much anything will be done.

He has no respect for his friends or others (He does work)

Then we have George Eustice who was appointed Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs on 13 February 2020 last Friday at the 5pm briefing stated not once but twice that the country had been under total lock down since March 23rd – well Minister I suggest you look up the terminology….

Many whom I have spoken with are all of the same opinion – maybe the majority of the country have adheard too the partial locak down but there is a BIG number who have taken no notice at all.

As for Wednesday’s lifting of some of the restrictions – most will kick off today.

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