Back to Zebra One…(Again)

I’ve received a couple of complaints about the ‘Zebra Crossing’  at the junction of High Causeway/Eastgate. In 2018 (before I was re-elected) I highlighted the problem/issue to our CC Cllr David Connor – who to be fair did follow this up on several occasions.
It took 8 months to get ‘some’ paint put on our ‘Zebra’s’ – with all the usual excuses…
Cost/Surveyed/Wet Weather/Too Cold/Wrong Time of the Year…. 8 Months….
18 months later the same issue has returned…..So I/we now start the process off again – remember it is January and ‘Cold’ – Maybe just maybe it will take a ‘little’ less time to fix – Please….

Below the current state of The Zebra and as it was in August 2018

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