One Big & One Smaller Success

This week due to some active community residents/NHW & councillors, a serious drug dealer has been raided and will be charged with a number of offences.

There are other individuals who are openly dealing in serious drugs here in our town.
If you have concerns please report it to the Police, it is so easy.

Our officers are committed to tackling drug related issues within Cambridgeshire and we welcome any information you may have about drug use or dealing. 

To help keep our communities safe, we encourage you to look out for common signs of drug dealing and let us know if you see anything suspicious. 

Another way professional criminals deal drugs in particular neighbourhoods, known as ‘cuckooing’. Cuckooing involves offenders targeting the homes of vulnerable people and using it to deal drugs.

Those who usually become vulnerable to cuckooing are lonely, isolated and drug users themselves. In fact, dealers usually offer them free drugs as a way of getting into the victims home. The property is then used to deal and manufacture drugs for a short period of time before the dealer moves onto somewhere new. 

If you think this may be happening where you live, please get in touch so that we can prevent vulnerable people falling victim to this crime.

Abandoned vehicles (4 +1) (No MOT’s or Vehicle Tax) have been removed from Station Road Whittlesey, again this came about by ‘team work’ by several individuals, NHW and local Councillors.

Whittlesey & District
(Coates, Eastrea, Turves & Pondersbridge)
have their quarterly meeting.

Tuesday 10th September @ 7pm

Whittlesey Town Council Offices @ Peel House
Queen Street Whittlesey. (The Old Police Station)

Anyone is welcome to come along….

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