Environmental Concerns – Gaining Momentum

Many will remember my frequent posts concerning environmental concerns and issues over the past 10+ years, my continuing lobbying of having a deposit system in place (like many other counties) for Glass/Cans/ Plastic and Polystyrene to name a few.

I note that a few of my fellow current Councillors, one being Cllr Eamonn Dorling are also leading on several fronts with some excellent idea’s on challenging current thinking.
We do not necessarily need to be ‘Tree Huggers’ (nothing wrong with that either), but ‘WE’ are all guilty of the current state of our environment – just take a look in the average fridge and see how much ‘plastic’ there is….
The conscientious has brought some very positive letters going to the Cambs Times© recently.
I and some of my friends have made a very positive impact in collecting other peoples rubbish from our streets and entrances to our towns and villages – clearing tons and tons over the past 10+ years – a small but significant contribution.

The more debate and the more lobbying – the better for all of us.

The best remark I’ve seen is ‘Why should Whittlesey follow – It should be leading…..
Not only on this issue but many others….

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