Today I met some different Hero’s

Today I had a chance meeting with Sir Lachlan Maclean of Duart Castle, we had a very good chat about his 800 year old
‘Clan Maclean’ and the £1 million+ so far in the restoration of Duart Castle, Sir Lachlan is the 28th Chief of the Maclean Clan, I even managed to extract his age!
I am staying with Andrew Kain, ex paratrooper of over 25 years and retired from the SAS,
Andrew has many awards for bravery, but is very humble in talking about his past life, he once rescued a young boy from a very dangerous river.
Both these men I met today have served their country and I was very proud to have spoken at length with both of them.

I was invited to stay and listen to The Isle of Mull & Iona Choir at Duart….

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