NHW Week

Monday marks the start of Neighbourhood Watch Week 2019 where we’ll be celebrating the amazing work our volunteers do in their communities. We’ll be looking at areas where you expect Neighbourhood Watch to operate in and around (burglary) as well as some more unexpected ones (knife violence and social isolation).

Our message this year is that when it comes to Neighbourhood Watch, there is #MoreThanYouExpect.

To kick start the week we have today launched Neighbourhood Watch Inspiration, a collection of the most innovative work being undertaken by our volunteers across England and Wales.

The database contains examples of how Neighbourhood Watch groups are changing their communities for the better. In each case, volunteers explain how they developed their project, the impact it had on their community and how they overcame any challenges.

Neighbourhood Watch Inspiration allows users to contact the author of each example with the hope of generating fruitful conversations between members.

Get involved!
Stay connected with Neighbourhood Watch on  Whittlesey NHW Website


We in Whittlesey ran our campaign of Scam Awareness a few weeks ago which was fairly successful, and if there is further interest we shall run something similar again.

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William Murphy (NHWN, Administrator, England and Wales)
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