WTC Meeting – Wednesday 08th May Report Part II

Disclaimer: These observations are not the ‘official’ minutes of the meeting, these are supplied by Whittlesey Town Council, normally (1) month following the meeting and can be viewed on their website.

The agenda last nights meeting was published on this web-blog 07th May – see below.
8 members of the public present.

Once a year there is an Annual Parish Meeting – the agenda was published as above.
There is little detail to report.





I am pleased to report that all 14 Whittlesey Town Councillors were present at the meeting of the 14, there are 4 new councillors :-
Cllr Victoria Lang-Whiston.
Cllr Gary Munns.
Cllr Dave Davis.
Cllr Roy Gerstner (Ex Town Councillor 2011-15).

Election of Mayor & Leader of the Council – Cllr Mrs Julie Windle.
Election of Deputy Mayor and Deputy Leader of the Council – Cllr David Mason.

Police MattersSome discussion took place about the content of the report – this report is a ‘snap-shot’ of what the Neighbourhood Police Team carry out on a monthly basis.
Members of the Council and Neighbourhood Watch get this report – it is not posted elswehere at the request of the Police. Cllr D Laws requested that a more in depth report be given, there were no Police present at this meeting.

Street Scene & EnvironmentalSee previous post with reports.

Public Forum3 members of the Public spoke, LR asked whether there could be an update in the Kings Dyke crossing – (answer came later in the meeting).
Mr Robert Windle gave an update on events being held by The Whittlesey Sports Association (See end of report)

New Council Offices(Ex Whittlesey Police Station) – Contract for the refurbishment and some building work has been signed and a provisional date for completion is 20th August.

Ward MattersKings Dyke Bridge/Crossing – Cllr Cris Boden informed on a personal basis that the first phase has been completed and contracts for the build phase are waiting to be signed between Cambs CC and Kier Construction (subject to negotiation).
To date some £4+ Million has been spent.

Kings Dyke – Portable Toilet – The initial trial of 6 months is now complete and it is understood that Cambs CC will no longer contribute to funding, I asked for the Council to contact Street Pride (the original request came from them) to get feedback as to how sucessful the toilet has been in respect of cleaning the area up.

Drug Issues and Dealing – There have been numberous reports of substance dealing ongoing within the area – The Police have been made aware. If any of the public see or witness this behaviour please report it to the Police either online or by phoning 101

If it is not reported – it will NOT be recorded – If it is NOT recorded – No action will take place.

The next full meeting will take place on Wednesday 12th June 2019

Entries are still be taken for the Its A Knockout fun afternoon on Sunday 16th June at the Field of Dreams, off Stonald Road Prior to the main event is a series of taster sessions organised by some of our members clubs . Please come along as all taster sessions are free to have a go , this will include football for all ages, Netball, Boxing, Bowling, Table Tennis, Archery and Martial arts, These events will start from 12.30pm for more details contact Robert Windle 07970228790.
We are grateful to the many sponsors for their support.

I am Roy Gerstner (Independent) – A Community Activist
for the Whittlesey Town Council Ward of St Marys South.
My contact details are on the top toolbar.

E&OE – on the rare occasion I may make an error/mistake – I am pleased to make corrections pointed out to me – thank you.
©Roy Gerstner.

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