Election – Count – Result

Today is election day for many local authorities. Here in Fenland and some wards in neighbouring Peterborough.
Many wards are uncontested – those candidates who were nominated are automatically elected and no vote takes place.
I and a few others ensure that the due democratic process is available you the electorate.
An election candidate at a council that has a quarter of its seats uncontested said improving the situation was “important for democracy”.

My stance in local elections has always been Independent.

At higher levels of local government – I have no issues about political parties.
I can only encourage the electorate in the ward I am standing in St Mary’s South – Whittlesey Parish/Town Council elections to use their vote – and vote for me –
As my election publicity states – I have a long history in supporting many local organisations, charities and committees – I am here to listen and serve the ward I am standing in.
I am accountable you the electorate – Not the political masters who ‘rule’ a group.
It is your opportunity to have an Independent voice.

At 10:00pm this evening the election process comes to an end, polling stations close.
All ballot papers are placed in a single ballot box. Following the close of the poll the ballot boxes are sealed and returned to the verification and count venue – The Hudson Leisure Centre, Wisbech.
There is a process of verification.
Preparing the count.

The count will take place on Friday 03rd May from 09:30am beginning with Fenland District Council wards and then Town/Parish Council area.
Generally the count goes in alphabetical order of the District.
Town wards again by alphabetical order ie Chatteris, March, Whittlesey, Wisbech.

It is expected that the District ward count will complete by around 1pm
I expect the Town Whittlesey results maybe mid-afternoon.

There are strict rules about photography and reporting.
This is not a public event – only those who applied for a ‘ticket’ are allowed to the count, along with official press.

I hope to be in a position to publish results later Friday afternoon.

Thank you to all those who voted for me.

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