It’s Good-bye to Barclays Bank Whittlesey – Friday 3rd May

See my article 18th January – I celebrate if that is the right word 50 years of being a customer of Barclays Bank Whittlesey.
I dare say many have come to dislike ‘Banks’ because of the various ‘toxic’ Banking crisis that hit us all during the 1990’s
Several banks have disappeared along with Building Society’s.
I joined Barclays when Mr Clarence Hurst was the Manager.

Barclays state that there will be no job loses and staff will be offered transfers.
I am unable to attend on Friday morning 12:00 when the branch officially closes as I will be attending the ‘Election Count’ in Wisbech – more on this later.

For more information please read the notice given out below – Click in the bottom left corner to advance pages…..

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