Beware More Phishing Going On….

Good morning Roy,
I have had 3 emails from “TV Licensing” telling me that my television license “is due today, etc”.
 The emails, which looked very authentic, came from:

(RG I have removed part of the address so no one can accidentally get curious and click on the link -DO NOT Click on links from these e-mails).

[email protected]

The first place I look when I receive a spurious email is the senders address. Can you stress to your followers that they should always do this, and it may stop them falling prey to these despicable characters.
(RG – If you have the slightest suspicion of not knowing the origin of the e-mail DO NOT open it)

Fraudsters send fake Virgin Media emails threatening “automatic disconnection”

Action Fraud has received over 100 reports about fake emails that purport to be from Virgin Media. The emails threaten the recipient with “automatic disconnection” due to “invalid billing information”. The links in the emails lead to genuine-looking phishing websites that are designed to steal your Virgin Media account login details.

Don’t click on the links or attachments in suspicious emails, and never respond to messages that ask for your personal or financial details.

For more information on how to stay secure online, visit


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