Some Confusion Over – Morley’s Ex Garage/Petrol Station Site.

A recent newsletter sent out by a community group, stated that :-
“The building of a new Co-op on the former Morley’s petrol station site in West End has fallen through due to land contamination. This comes as no surprise, it will be difficult for anyone to develop this land”

I was taken back about this ‘new’ news as I thought I was up to speed with the development. I made 4 phone calls to various people who attended the meeting at which this comment was made and now no one remembers who said it!
I know the ex owner very well, and can say that the purchase of the site was completed to a Land Agent representing the Lincolnshire Co-op in June last year.
The developer carried out a new contamination exercise and received a report, along with approximate costing to put the site back in condition ready to develop.
Although there appears to be delays in developing the site, officially nothing has changed unless ‘someone’ knows otherwise.

This is how it stands today…If anyone knows differently I’d be pleased to be informed.

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