An Hour @ Fenland Hall

So what an experience….I had made an appointment to submit my election papers at Fenland Hall this morning.
I do not normally ‘bash’ employee’s as they have little or no redress, but I think this needs telling…I think some serious ‘retraining is required’

On arriving at the foyer – the layout has been changed – in front of you now are a sign which points to the left ‘Business’ and a sign to the right ‘Customer Services’ – not quite knowing which way to go, I stood a few seconds a bit bewildered – The receptionist on the ‘left side’ – said crisply…. ‘Read the Sign’, a few seconds later, ‘Read the Sign’ and again a bit louder a few seconds later ‘Read the Sign’ – eventually she asked me why I was there, and then directed me to the Customer Service section on the right. Proceeding as I did, when I got there, was told no you need the other side…..back I went – No apology and then told I had no appointment in the book…..well what can I say – I am telling it as it was….Customer Service – Not on this occasion.
Not a chance of can I help you or may I be of assistance.
So I was seen by the ‘appointed lady at the appointed time’
This situation has come about due to the ‘One Stop Shop’ closing in March and relocating to yes the area I mentioned above…..
And by the way…. Don’t even think of wanting a ‘Wee’ whilst you are there – we were informed that there are no public toilets…..I don’t know whether to laugh or cry – it surely can not get any worse.
Success – my Election Papers have been validated….

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