County Councillors Allowances & Expenses Part I

I have on a number of occasions both questioned and made comments about County Councillors ‘Allowances & Expenses’ the latest being on the 31st January.
I disagreed with the way that the leader Steve Count steam-rollered the large increases through and took no notice what so ever of the Independent Pay Review.
I have highlighted this – so the electorate are kept aware.
I have received communication from one of our County Councillors Cllr Dave Connor and am more than happy to print in full what his response was to my article.

“Hi Roy,
Really dissapointed by your comments about CCC allowances about the increase.
May I respectfully remind you that my Ward Whittlesey South is huge and as a result of boundary changes. And 8 councillors less I only claim partially for meetings not for phone calls and not for constituents meetings etc. People tell me I am doing a good job including yourself on a number of occasions. So I ask you to print this in its entirety and let the voters decide come election time in approx 2 years time.
Kind regards
David Connor.”

I agree with David’s comment above and have not questioned his hard work, however when the vote was taken to increase ALL County Councillors allowances, David voted with his party to accept these increases – my case stands.
We agree to disagree…..on this occasion and remain on good terms.

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