Another message from CCC Cllr David Connor

This being in refernce to an article I published on the 19th February about the fatal accident and the state of Ramsey Road.
I have received communication from one of our County Councillors Cllr Dave Connor and am more than happy to print in full what his response was to my article.

“Hi Roy,
Again it’s unfair to say quote – County Counciloors have serious words with CCC highways. It cost a great deal of money to do the stretch of road last year. And we ran out of money that the Government gave for Drought Damage Road schemes. I can assure you and residents I keep pressing CCC highways of the need to improve this and many other roads where I am county councillor and I expect if and when we get another tranche of extra money I will be lobbying for more money to be spent in our area.
Please print this in its entirety.
Kind regards
David Connor”

The stretch of road we are refering is between Whittlesey Ramsey Road railway crossing and Pondersbridge – it is well known to suffer badly from subsidence.
We were promised well over 2 years ago that the road was going to have maintenance on it – delay after delay AND we were under the impression (incuding many Whittlesey Town Councillors) that the whole stretch of road was going to be done, as Cllr Connor states the money ran out and this has left still a great deal of road that is subjected to subsidence.
~ I am sure we all are looking forward to when the road can be made much safer.

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