Another White Elephant – CCC New HQ!

The one question I can never get answered when this type of project comes along :-
Why does the quotation – ‘We have to spend money first in order to save money later’
£18 Million for what we keep being told is a cash strapped council – and looking at the amount of glass the building has it may need to be triple glazed to keep a degree or two in.

There maybe some arguments for more efficient buildings, but it seems (As with Peterborough Unitary Authority – moving to ‘Palatial Offices at Fletton Quays), however
I wonder in CCC’s case they’ve worked out the actual ‘increase’ in mileage that both Staff and councillors will travel weekly/monthly/yearly – if so I’d like to know.
Another point being when ever did a council project run to budget…..
Need I quote Kings Dyke Bridge……and it wasn’t ALL down to increase in the land.

I suspect and I maybe wrong…that there will be a substantial increase in mileage – of course by the time we do eventually find out 2 years after they have moved – it will be far too late in the argument to hold councillors to account for the move.
When the public paying ratepayer (who ultimately is funding the costs) are for ever having their rates increased and we’re being told how efficient our councils have become – Lean / Mean / Fighting Machines – I think Not…. and that a few pence here and there weekly increases (they use the lowest denominator) – to try and prove a point.
I work out how much does increases cost me – a year and that gives a much truer indicator of increases.
I just love the word Palatial – lovely true ring to it…..says it all.

Of course we have the ‘new’ Whittlesey Town Council’ Offices – on the horizon, I have supported this move, for the same reasons as our council, renting offices for ever and ever is not good value, and I believe the ‘Old Police Station’ came at a good price…..lets just hope the renovation work does not include anything ‘Palatial’…!!!

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