Cllr Bob Wicks to retire!

As per my posts on the 26th, 30th January, 09th & 16th February on the Whittlesey Town Councillors who will NOT be standing for re-election in this coming May’s local elections.
Cllr Bob Wicks who was elected as a WTC councillor for the Villages (Coates, Eastrea & Turves) at the last elections on a conservative platform. He resigned from the conservative group last year and is currently ‘sitting’ as an Independent.
Although I say he will not be standing – that is on a conservative party platform – he may well decide to stand in Mays elections on another platform.

Photo WTC/RWT Photo

As a reminder so far we have:- and more to come……




Cllr Martin Curtis      Cllr Ralph Butcher    Cllr Steve Garratt       Cllr Rita Jolley

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