Cllr Rita Jolley to retire

As per my posts on the 26th & 30th January + 09th February on the Whittlesey Town Councillors who will NOT be standing for re-election in this coming May’s local elections.

Another very long serving Town Councillor, Mrs Rita Jolly has decided not to run or contest in the forthcoming May elections.

Rita has decided to retire from being a local councillor.
Yes I do know the reasons why all the councillors have decided to ‘retire’ – but as far as I am concerned that is their personal choice and between them and their political group.
No point in ‘Dirty Washing’ enough of that with National Politics.

Photo WTC/RWT Photo

Yes there will be more announcements of Whittlesey Town Councillors who will NOT be standing in this May elections….another next week…..You will only read it here…

So the invitation is out there for all the ‘Keyboard Warriors’ on Social Media – who have had the best part of 4 years having a go on FB© – Put up if you think you can make a difference…..We are all waiting…!!!!

As a reminder so far we have:-





Cllr Martin Curtis             Cllr Ralph Butcher          Cllr  Steve Garratt

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