Report on the WTC Meeting Wednesday 13th February 2019

Disclaimer: These observations are not the ‘official’ minutes of the meeting, these are supplied by Whittlesey Town Council, normally (1) month following the meeting and can be viewed on their website.
Our thanks to LD for attending and sharing the information from the Council meeting.
Agenda for the meeting was published on this website 09th February or Click Here

No apologies Cllrs Garrett & Curtis absent.
Presentation by Joe Moore-Papworth. Didn’t turn up.

Police matters questioned why report said Police doing community engagement 06/02/19 2pm yet library closes 12 noon on Wednesdays. Did it actually take place.

Speaker for public forum requested agenda items list changed so that council business is done at end of meeting and other items general public are interested in is done at beginning. Might encourage more public to attend. Council took on board.

F30/19 WTC were not going to respond, Cllr Butcher said he was disappointed with the last consultation as £50,000 spend only resulted in buses being taken of Market Place.
Cllr Dee Laws pressed firmly that WTC should respond, Cllr Boden said if only on infrastructure between Peterborough and Whittlesey.
In the end it was agreed all council will look at consultation document and Cllr Laws will put together a consultation response deadline 20/02/19

Discussion took place around works to new council offices – 3 bids were received lowest bid accepted. N B Construction have been awarded the work. More money is required so there was a vote to apply for a further public works loan 3% interest rate £85,000 over 20 years. Cllr Bristow abstained from vote. Vote carried. Work to take 12 weeks.

Annual meeting – Date set for 08/05/19
Neighbourhood Plan – Draft policies moving forward.

Syrian Refugees – Timetable now being discussed for 2 Syrian refugee families to move in so children can settle into schools. Esol training will be delivered by Christian Church
(Language training)
Pondersbridge Bus Shelter – FDC are examining and considering policy change Pondersbridge LHI (Local Highways Improvement). No decision made yet CCC highways are still to produce a plan!

Tommy’s – The one for Whittlesey requires listed consent. The one at Coates is in a member of publics house for time being for safe keeping until in situ.
Windmill Street Parking Issues – about emergency vehicles getting access, Cllr Boden can we notify emergency services on preferred route
Friendship Club – This is for lonely people any age held last Thursday each month free meal provided and transport can be arranged contact Cllr D. Mason –  St. Andrews Church.
Barclays Bank – closure is a business decision by them no input or consultation by WTC was given. In fact WTC and CCC only told the day before closure WTC will write to Barclays setting out that a bank is still needed here.
Suggested we could have a mobile bank or banks could share 1 building.

F32/19 Persimmon Homes to attend next meeting in March.

F33/9 Allotment gate lock broken. Will be replaced by the cheaper quote zollit lock.

Discussion about various meetings attended ie Food Bank, Middle Level, Fonterra visit and young persons centre Whittlesey.

Bid still being prepared for Must Farm Centre in Whittlesey  – Peterborough are re – submitting a bid British Museum like Whittlesey’s bid Cllr Boden encouraged WTC to engage Must Farm bid with combined authority as already part of the industrial strategy.

Cllr Dorling advised car parking issues discussed by the Whittlesey Business Forum.

Ward matters.

Cllr Mason – Bower attended site meeting re repair to footpath Middle Level agreed to shore up the bank where failing and approach FDC to get bushes cut back.
Love Lane – Boyce close. Attended site meeting CCC & Ms Day a footpath is a necessity as children may be injured being put forward for next years budget.

Sweet Pea Nursery are they taking up the opportunity to use Manor Leisure Centre facilities.
Cllr Boden Saxon Pit EMW (East Midlands waste) have had their appeal put back to 28/8/19. EA were puzzled by this move but have been given another 4 weeks to provide more detail.

7/3/19 Agenda (LHI – Local Highways Improvements) will be formally announced should be good news for Whittlesey.
Lamppost at 12 East Delph must be replaced quickly.
Cllr Dee Laws more Fly-Tipping 1 proceeding towards successful prosecution 2nd waste again from cannabis factory. Some got into watercourse
Cllr Wicks dog fouling Eastrea requested extra posters and patrols.
Looking into walkers crisps recycling scheme Parish notice he has applied for Tesco plastic bag fund to buy 3 benches if successful put your blue token into this bid.
Cllr Dorling vacant commercial properties in Whittlesey have HMO’s multiple occupancy which brings up difficulties if applying for a mortgage.
Cllr Jolley her front gate kicked in – Car Parking issues
Cllr Mayor Town Walk public footpath fence fell onto it obstructing right of way Community Payback Team have repaired best as possible as privately owned fence.
Cllr Bristow rubbish being removed near Railway Station Warehouse East of station changed hands thinks to become a distribution centre possibly employing 30/50 people.

RG Note: I notice that no Councillors appeared in the recently re-launched (and cost £££)
Hereward Community Rail Partnership.
I have attended many of these meetings – when the public are invited over many years to see (some) slow progress in promises that may become reality to Whittlesea Railway Station. (I wasn’t invited).
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