NQS v Jenner v Peterborough League Tables – Appointments




Every year GP surgeries carry out a Patient Satisfaction Survey(s), one question being ‘Experience in making an appointment’ The Peterborough Telegraph has published the league table – but the two Whittlesey Surgeries did not do well at all.
In the case of New Queen Street Surgery – they came 32nd out of 40
Jenner Health Centre – they came 24th out of 40
There are many factors, a few which I’ll mention, some surgeries are much bigger than others and from the results it can be seen that the smaller ‘village’ surgeries come out much better in the rankings.

I have been a member of the New Queen Street Surgery – PPG – Patients Participation Group since its inception. I believe the PPG is a very good group at being able to engage with the surgery and its management. That said it can only do so much and has no remit to be able to officially change the surgery policy – it can apply pressure and lobby in certain instances.

Feedback from the Surgery Management (NQS) is that ‘They are happy with the new arrangement’ which was originally trialled and then put into full time placement.
The doctors like the new system and they say they actually ‘get to see’ more patients.

This doesn’t come out well in the above league ‘satisfaction’ table.
New Queen Street Surgery 57.1% satisfaction rating
Jenner Health Centre 62% satisfaction rating

What do the ratings mean?

A total of 40 practices in the Peterborough area have been rated after patients were asked about their experience on behalf of the NHS in March 2018, including how they rated the surgery where they are registered.

According to the NHS, a practice that scores below a 70 per cent average rating is considered to be ‘among the worst’, while a practice which scores 90 per cent or above is ‘among the best’. Those rated between 70 per cent to 80 per cent are classed as ‘OK’.

Read more at: PT-Patients Satisfaction Survey

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