County Council Tax Up – expected but here is the reminder I promised Cllr Count

I support a ‘Fair and Sustainable’ allowance system for all levels of Public Service – but let’s just remind ourselves (I promised – I will deliver) of the shameful way County Councillors
lead by Cllr Steve Count – voted themselves a very generous allowance increase….
Then tell Council Staff they have to take unpaid leave…..
Now propose the ‘Full’ allowable increase of 5% on CC Tax
(OK 2% ring fenced for Social Services)

Even the ‘few’ councillors who thought it ‘not right’ still took the full increase.

This is from my Web-Posting July 18th 2017

Another Very BIG Smack In The Face
We/You  had our County Council Elections in May – and look what has happened in 2 months.
YOUR elected County Councillors have voted themselves a ‘vast increase’ in their so-called allowances.
They have an independent pay review committee, who’s members are very eminent, high ranking ex public body members.
The Country Councillors took NO notice what-so-ever of this committees recommendations.
This is NOT democracy at all – some excuse from the leader Cllr Steve Count smirking away on his photograph is a blatant smack in the face to anyone who voted.
I made it known at the CCC elections that I was voting for None of the Candidates.
There is history – about 6 years ago there was a similar foray of issues concerning CC expenses and allowances – but it was shelved just prior to the elections at the time and some other issues of governance.
Whilst I may be a ‘little’ sympathetic to the whole issues surrounding ‘allowances’ does not take away this group reported as having secret meetings to stitch up the vote prior to it being debated – again is an affront to local democracy.

An answer would be that ALL Councillors throughout the whole country be ‘paid’ allowances the same – irrespective of where or how wealthy that Council may be.

Of course ‘whistle-in the-wind’ this will all be forgotten about in days/weeks or months whilst other issues come to the for-front – I for one did not like one bit this ‘Slap-In-The-Face’ against democracy – Shame on all of them – and NO excuses.

The leader Steve Count would have received a rise from £21,000 to £25,000 under the independent pay review – instead he voted himself a rise to £31,745

Try arguing this with Nurses who have had a 1% pay rise year-on-year for the last 4 years.
Sorry County Councillors – responsibility – there is no comparison between what you do and what a Nurse does.
No wonder the majority of people think Politicians are Fat Cats.

Today I write  – Yes I do have a good memory of what I have historically written…..It is all very well increasing our ‘precept/tax’ but services like Recycling Centres and Libraries are under constant threat…. these were ‘saved’ because County Council elections were close by…..
I wonder what is going to happen this time around (after the election – that is)

The article as written by me can be viewed by Clicking Here

Another good read from about Councillors their expenses and attendances can by viewed by Clicking Here from September 06th 2017

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