Another Very BIG Smack In The Face

We/You  had our County Council Elections in May – and look what has happened in 2 months.
YOUR elected County Councillors have voted themselves a ‘vast increase’ in their so-called allowances.
They have an independent pay review committee, who’s members are very eminent, high ranking ex public body members.
The Country Councillors took NO notice what-so-ever of this committees recommendations.
This is NOT democracy at all – some excuse from the leader Cllr Steve Count smirking away on his photograph is a blatant smack in the face to anyone who voted.
I made it known at the CCC elections that I was voting for None of the Candidates.
There is history – about 6 years ago there was a similar foray of issues concerning CC expenses and allowances – but it was shelved just prior to the elections at the time and some other issues of governance.
Whilst I may be a ‘little’ sympathetic to the whole issues surrounding ‘allowances’ does not take away this group reported as having secret meetings to stitch up the vote prior to it being debated – again is an affront to local democracy.

An answer would be that ALL Councillors throughout the whole country be ‘paid’ allowances the same – irrespective of where or how wealthy that Council may be.

Of course ‘whistle-in the-wind’ this will all be forgotten about in days/weeks or months whilst other issues come to the for-front – I for one did not like one bit this ‘Slap-In-The-Face’ against democracy – Shame on all of them – and NO excuses.

The leader Steve Count would have received a rise from £21,000 to £25,000 under the independent pay review – instead he voted himself a rise to £31,745

Try arguing this with Nurses who have had a 1% pay rise year-on-year for the last 4 years.
Sorry County Councillors – responsibility – there is no comparison between what you do and what a Nurse does.
No wonder the majority of people think Politicians are Fat Cats.

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