Nationwide Clean-Up Campaign

I often wonder ‘Why’ some people treat our countryside so badly – anything from dropping litter to full scale Fly-Tipping – it has been going on since the stone ages and is getting worst.

Daily Mail campaign – This means you will have access to a comprehensive guide with step-by-step information on how to organise your pick-up, where to do it and advice on running a successful pick-up and ensuring everyone stays safe.

River Calder at Stanley Ferry.

We are also urging hosts to return to the website after each event to let us know how much litter was collected and how many volunteers were involved.
Because your event is private, only people you invite will be able to join. You can organise as many clean-ups as you want between March 22 and April 23 at any number of locations, dates and times. 

Or you could join our local group which go out on an organised event every 2 weeks for the past 11 years…..
The Daily Mail is promoting the National Clean-Up….

The Mail is funding a prize of £10,000 to the individual, small business or charity making the greatest strides in creating sustainable alternatives to plastic or providing creative solutions for reusing plastic goods. 
We’re looking for inventions, eco-friendly alternatives or ingenious ‘life-hacks’. One runner-up will receive £1,000. 

Read the complete article on the Daily Mail Click Here

The press are doing a fantastic job including Sky’s Plastic Campaign.

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