Conservative Confusion – who is or is not supporting Steve Barclay

So press @ Cambs Times© reporting that at NECCA (NorthEast Cambridgeshire Conservative Association) and e-mails to the Executive council proposed 4 rather contentious proposals re Steve Barclay & Brexit….
It transpires that ‘some within the Chatteris Group were unhappy – this came out on Friday morning.
Has reservations about the actions of Stephen Barclay as he pursues support of a bad deal which is not in line with the Constituency determination to leave the EU, (indeed several members said that they had lost confidence in him and several saw no value in voting if Parliament ignored constituency views)

However by Friday afternoon all was ‘Full Astern’ and in reverse……None of the said 4 proposals had gone through the normal procedures and at that late event the Chairman pulled all 4 proposals.
So it is business as usual on Sunday with NECCA choosing the latest batch of candidates for next May’s local elections….

One somewhat confusing candidate being present Cllr Alex Miscandlon, who only a few months ago was ‘De-Selected’ by the group, now by a miracle has -re-emerged as the sole candidate for the Coates, Eastrea & Benwick ward (FDC) – ??? – miracles indeed @ Gravel House Corner…..Coates.

As I mentioned in a recent posting, I am not naming the candidates standing as is at present (things may change) but I have been asked of those not standing or ‘retiring’ so over the next few days/weeks I’ll inform you of those who will not be standing for election.

So first on the list to be ‘retiring’  is Big Gun
Cllr Martin Curtis -who has been involved in local politics for some 20 years.
Ex Parliamentary candidate, Ex leader of Cambs CC, Ex Chairman of FDC Planning and various positions on WTC.
I think this is ‘semi-retirement’ for MC – I believe he will be back just like The Terminator®
Martin’s ‘disagreement’ with others within the group may be perfectly valid – but he can not agree with a number of fellow Councillors on the way forward –
Martins Web-Blogs have been dormant for years although I understand a big Facebook® & Twitter® advocate.
(Picture WTC)
Cllr (Mr) Curtis may well be back at some stage – an experienced councillor.


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