Scam that spoofs Apple Inc.

A news story has just hit my inbox which I would like to bring to your attention especially if you own an Apple iPhone.

Beware of a new phone-based phishing scam that spoofs from Apple Inc.
Scammers are calling people under the pretense that they are from Apple. 

It starts with an automated call that display’s Apple’s logo, address and real phone number, warning about a data breach at the company. The message will instruct you to call a 1-866 number (US) before doing anything else with the phone.
At this time, I cannot confirm if such calls have been received in the UK.

If you receive a suspect call, your screen may display the following image:
A security expert contacted the genuine Apple support about the contact and they stated that they would not make such a call. For further information about the scam, please copy and paste the following link into your browser:

Best wishes
Mr Nigel Sutton (8517)
Economic and Cyber Security Advisor
Cambridgeshire Constabulary
Hinchingbrooke Park|Huntingdon|PE29 6NP
Landline: 01480 422773
Mobile: 07894177311

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