Weekend Review

Lets again congratulate The Whittlesey Extravaganza Committee and all the support group, who made a fantastic event for all families at yesterdays event – if only ‘some’ knew the amount of work and preparation required to stage these events – Thanks and well done.
Now for something a little more serious – Boy did I get some feedback about my Metro Mayor article (Mayor James Palmer) – I was very surprised that all the feedback I received supported my arguments and statements, along with yet more publicity (negative) from the Peterborough Telegraph – I and many wonder why someone from Government hasn’t asked Mayor Palmer to justify the Authorities Spending and Expenses!!!!

Locally – The Conservative Group have now chosen their running candidates for next years (May) local elections (Whittlesey/Coastes/Eastrea/Ponderbridge) and yes I have been aware of ‘who’ the would be candidates are for some time – does it make any difference – no is the answer – However as I did happen to meet one councillor & candidate yesterday who reads my web-blog – who has changed his mind I believe on 4 occasions on whether he will stand or not – There is an old saying – If you are not certain about something – then don’t do it.

Some of the Whittlesey wards are not fully covered by the Conservative Group at present – that’s not to say that they will not find candidates before the May elections.
The Labour Group are in even more dire states, in that they will also not be able to find candidates for all Whittlesey wards.
Lib/Dems – Ex Cllr Dave Chapman says he is not standing but he is also known to change his mind just before an election – maybe a couple of others.
The Green Party has a Fenland Group and have made considerable standings previously in Whittlesey and more recently some success in Peterborough and should not be under estimated – Nationally Caroline Lucas comes over very well on TV debates and holds her own against some big guns.
Still there is Tuesday’s Brexit Vote – which could change everything on the political landscape – Nationally and maybe locally – A big unknown….
Will the conservative dissenters – capitulate at the last moment to save the day – who knows – we will all wait and see.
At this moment the vote on Tuesday is still planned to go ahead.

So next weeks episode will name those Whittlesey Councillors who are either retiring, leaving on health grounds or simply fed up with local politics and wish to move on –
watch this space….
This Wednesday evening 7:30pm is Whittlesey Town Council meeting – I wonder ‘if’ any of the ‘new’ candidates the conservatives have chosen will bother to even see what happens at a Whittlesey Town Council meeting – as so far none of the ‘New’ candidates have done so – just shows how much interest they have in ‘their’ electorate?

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