Thank You ——– E x t r a v a g a n z a

An annual event that ‘nearly’ came to an end 2 years ago, step in Lynne Palmer who took on the role of chairing the small organising committee – from a lot of people who said they would help to just a few who actually did….including myself in a small way. This year’s event is supported by many other Town Organisations and planning takes well over 6 months – There is a lot of Red Tape to conform with.
Lynne P & Richard Ex

This years event on a Saturday from 3pm with the weather being very changeable.
A good turn out with lots of children – a lot of events and a Punch & Judy show….
Unfortunately there was a couple of short sharp showers which dampened the spirit of things but from what I saw everyone was having a good time.
Thanks again to Lynne and her dedicated small group of helpers…..



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