Good Meeting with the Chief Constable & PCC

Only 6 members of the public attending todays meeting in Chatteris with Police & Crime Commissioner Jason Ablewhite and newly appointed Chief Superintendent Nick Dean who took up his role in late September and Northern Sector Superintendent Andy Gipp, (Who had a meeting with some Whittlesey Councillors last week?).
Jason Ablewhite’s short presentation on where Cambs Policing is at present. Some good news being that Policing levels have not reduced below 2011 levels and that the 2018-19 increase in Police precept has resulted in a ‘Net gain’ of 105 extra Officers – this is now having an effect on all area’s of Cambs Policing.
There has been an overall saving of £27M in efficiency and joint purchasing of assets.
In Cambs we are paying 43 pence per day per person for our Policing where as the National average is 57 pence per day per person.
Recently a victim of ‘Cyber Crime’ was fleeced out of £330,000 over a long period of time before realising what had happened.
Myself and Robin Sutton attended from Whittlesey and as there were so few attending we had plenty of opportunity to ask and engage with all the Top Brass – They were aware of the incident last week – where an elderly lady was ‘mugged’ and they had arrested someone in connection with the incident.
Our main thrust was Neighbourhood Policing which they were all very supportive – encompassing many aspects of elderly, young and lonely people who are being targeted.
Overall it was a good meeting and we covered most aspects of what concerns residents have here in our community.

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