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Two items this week – I could come up with more, but will save them for another day.

Firstly after my posting about ‘value’ for money from the Combined Authority for Cambridgeshire & Peterborough, several articles appeared in both local and regional press about Mayor Palmers ‘running costs’ not even his own scrutiny committee can hold him to account.
Of course ‘Mayor Palmer’ is a hero at present for him coughing up the extra £16 Million for the Kings Dyke Bridge works…..remember this is ALL Tax-payers money.
He stated on being elected that the running costs would be kept reasonable – now we have further excuses for ‘costs’ escalating through the roof – I am watching this…..

Then one of my other passions – the for – ever – on-going ‘Abandoned’ Road Signage in/around Whittlesey – I have brought this up on so, so many occasions at Whittlesey Town Council.
Recently we had in excess of 18 signs directing traffic to – where – No-where.

After my recent complaints – some did get collected. Then at the last Town Council meeting I did really did have a go in making the point that our ‘Cash Strapped’ County Council are throwing our hard paid for rates into the road. Them or their contractors it makes no difference – someone (us) is paying for this wastage.
Over the years I have found ‘dozens’ of signs, some get knocked or blown over then either become a hazard to not only pedestrians but road users.
I have sent off the ‘latest’ 3 which have ‘arrived’ this weekend –

I presume these are for Road Works to Benwick Road starting on Monday 26th Nov. So these may well have been put in place for the forth-coming project – One sign being unsafe to both pedestrians and drivers.


The message has been sent – lets see if ‘I/we’ can get a sensible answer to this problem.

Hundreds if not Thousands of £££ worth of abandoned signage just in Whittlesey – I dare say if it is happening here it may well be happening all around the County.

Your money – My money being needlessly thrown away.

Below another example – that remained in place for a very long time after what-ever-work was being carried out, this sign actually ended up opposite in the Church Field, until I got it retrieved.

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