I am ‘Proud to have worked for the ‘Mouse’

The phase – Mickey Mouse Company – Mickey Mouse Government is a phase used to indicate Intellectually unchallenging or simple.
I was and still am very ‘proud’ to have been a Senior Engineer at The Walt Disney Company™ for 6 years prior to my retiring and it did not apply to that phrase.

Tomorrow Mr Mickey Mouse will be 90 years old – and from a simple idea $£ Billions have been made.
The Disney Corporation™ is one of the most successful companies globally and is still making £$ Billions.

I am also very proud in that ‘My Team’ of Engineers and Electricians – Made Millions of Peoples ‘Dreams Come True’ – to see thousands of children so ‘Happy’ every day – along with Mums & Dads reliving their own childhood was very satisfying.
Disney like many American companies – do not employ ‘fool’s – every week a multitude of employees – departed their employ – work hard, play by the rules and you would be rewarded.



One of my major ‘challenges’ was the ‘pro-active’ maintenance of the Multi $$$Million
Walt Disney Theatre – one of (and still is) the most Technical Theatres in the world.
Headaches – I had plenty – but Disney had money – and everything had to work (safely) 100% of the time.
So although I may not make your dreams come true today – who knows what the future holds….
Walt Disney was a man with ‘ vision’ and I am looking for that man or woman here in Whittlesey – if you know them – put me in contact.

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