Public need confidence in politicians !!!!

I’ve been ‘asked’ to comment about the recent affair regarding Cllr Simon King (Wisbech).

I have no problem what-so-ever in addressing comments made to me about this affair.
(1) As reported – Councillor Simon King has been found guilty of breaching the code of conduct at Fenland District Council.
He had claimed over £1,500 in expenses he was not entitled – (Cllr King had falsely claimed excessive mileage for some of his journeys).

FDC Conduct committee decided to issue Cllr King with a formal reprimand.
(A slap on the wrist) This in itself is limp to say the least – but it is all that the Conduct committee can do.

We have endured ‘Politicians’ from all parties being caught up in expenses scandals,
most pleading innocence that ‘they’ had done nothing wrong.
Just recently MPs who are accused of cheating on their expenses will be able to remain anonymous under rules it has emerged, just after a record ban was handed to Ian Paisley after he went holidays funded by Sri Lankan Government.
The Government is being grossly unfair to the electorate by doing this.
Be it MP’s ‘fiddling’ £thousands or be it local politicians ‘fiddling’ £hundreds – it is the same – illegal, corrupt and dirty.

Cllr King always insisted he was innocent of the accusation that he had breached the councillors’ code of conduct over inaccurate expense claims for mileage.

Now we are told that the NorthEast Cambs Conservative Association have ‘suspended’ him for 6 months the maximum allowed. Although there was no criminal case brought by the Police/CPS – (probably because of costs) – it remains that Cllr King has done a great deal of damage not only to himself but those aligned to him.
It allows (at present) him to remain a Councillor and to seek re-selection and stand at next Mays local elections if he so wishes.

Speaking to a ‘senior’ Conservative Councillor recently – he agreed with me, that this incident does nothing for public to be confident in their councillors – the public tend to treat all politicians with some distain.

I would hope that the majority of councillors are honest, hard working politicians, and that they realise the responsibility of their position – it’s the few that give everyone a bad name.

I have known and been involved in meetings with Cllr Simon King for many years, I always found him to be engaging, happy and jovial – I never saw him upset, aggressive or belittling at any time.

I have never given or been offered any inducement (brown envelopes) in my life.

I hope I am never in a position that ‘someone’ thinks they can buy my opinions or services.

It is another reason I remain ‘Independent’ – I am accountable to the electorate not to a political party.

I am wholly accountable to the electorate.

I am not a serving councillor. (I am an ex councillor)

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