Oh Dear What A Mess the Local Conservatives are In

I am not going to dwell too long, but the writing has been on the wall for some time.
I take no joy in that the ‘implosion’ of the local conservative group is of their own making – I have said on many occasions we have ‘some’ very good Conservative Councillors and have always given them ‘kudos’ when deserved (More than would give me).
There have been good Labour councillors in the long past.

After this weeks meeting of NECCA (NorthEast Cambs Conservative Association) – emails flying to and fro, new idea’s being formulated and on-going discontent on their selection process.
I agree with them….. Local members should choose their candidates not someone from Wisbech or where-ever.

I am not going into the sordid details of the upsets, resignations and loss of faith in their own local party.

It looks very likely there will be quite a number of new faces joining Whittlesey Town Council come next May’s elections – possibly a number of Conservatives, maybe this is what Whittlesey needs, some new blood, with hopefully some younger people standing for election.

I also agree 100% with Martin Curtis – Whittlesey needs a ‘Vision’ not just plodding along with lots of differing ‘Wish Lists’ being produced.
Are You that person with a Vision for the future – You are very welcome by everyone.

Then again news has it that Dave wishes to return to politics.
When he and Clegg ran the country I do not apologise in naming them Dumb and Dumber – for two extremely educated people, the gaffs these guys made was unbelievable….
Plus many say it was Dave’s fault in giving in to Nigel F – that we are where we are now…..still things could be worse…!!!!!

Would you trust this man again.
Ran away to make serious money.
Now thinks we have forgotten how dim and dumb he was.
Couldn’t – wouldn’t -take on Farage in direct debate…..

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