Today Robin Sutton (Secretary & Webmaster) and myself attended the AGM of Cambs NHW Group, at Police HQ Hinchingbrooke.
We were both re-elected on the executive committee, this being my 7th year.
Deja-vu – another good 10 minutes of good engagement with Jason Ablewhite the Police and Crime Commissioner, with what I considered good feedback of how the ‘new’ Policing model if taking effect.
The loss of our Police Station is now history – I and a ‘few’ fought to keep it, but alas – our argument was not strong enough and our support was also not strong enough.

So now we move on and make the best of what we have been given, there are some very positive things happening both within Fenland and Cambridgeshire as a whole.
A ‘new’ Police Station for both Wisbech and Cambridge.
Joined up resources probably with Cambs Fire Service, which our local police team are already now using.
Whittlesey NHW Secretary and Webmaster, gave the audience a very good talk and presentation of what is happening nationally with NHW and the move to London from their present base in Leicester.
I also had a good conversation with Assistant Chief Constable Dan Vajzovic about our ‘minor’ issues here in Whittlesey, I say minor in comparison to both Peterborough –
Wisbech and nationally.
As I stated on several occasions, ‘we’ were all concerned about how the closure of our Police Station might affect crime – the results (so far) is that has had NO significant effect on crime in our area.
Yes I too – am old enough to remember when we had a Police Station here in Whittlesey ‘open’ 24/7 – but that’s history as well – and if you remember back I did a good article about the ‘history’ of Whittlesey Police Station.
So we soldier on – our aim is safer communities, and I am passionate to remain promoting this, we do not live in an ideal world, and we are certainly not crime free, but by working together with our neighbours, we have a strong presence.




Ongoing engagement with our Police colleagues and support officers.




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