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The Police today have to put their resources where and when required – it is a fact whether I/or you like it or not. Postings on other ‘Social Media’ sites – state that crime in Whittlesey has rocketed – NOT true, there have been spikes, but since the Police Station closed – and I was a big campaigner to keep it open – Crime has NOT significantly increased.
I and many accept that NOT all crime is reported and therefor no record is made.
See the latest from one of our NHW team –
Officers from the Fenland neighbourhood policing team were out in Whittlesey on pedal cycles again tonight.
Proactively patrolling to prevent burglary offences.

There have been no burglaries reported to the police in the last 10 days.

Whilst on our cycles we heard a commotion at Station Road Industrial Estate. Upon arrival we found 3 drivers mistakenly thinking they were on a race track. S59 warnings issued and requested to leave the town.

Tomorrow myself and Robin Sutton (Secretary of Whittlesey NHW Team) will be attending the AGM of Cambs NHW – we are both elected on the Executive Committee, and will be seeking re-election – this gives our Whittlesey members a strong presence and voice, both on the Executive and at meetings with senior officers/crime commissioner at Cambs Police.

If you would like to join us at Whittlesey NHW (No costs and not a lot of committment), then why not become a better neighbour than you are already.
Robin Sutton   [email protected]

Visit Whittlesey NHW Website for a vast array of information and updates

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