Who Do You/I Believe – Kings Dyke Crossing

Here we go yet again (Not weekly but daily and hourly) – The story in The Peterborough Telegraph™ on Monday 27th August 2018 containing much subjective information and inaccuracies given out by I presume County Council Officials themselves…..
Having read the article it makes me wonder – The ‘mess’ they appear to be getting into.

1/ The Headline – ‘Long-awaited King’s Dyke rail crossing in Whittlesey will be completed on time despite rising costs’
Since when does anyone know when the Crossing will be completed (1972/1982/2016/2017/2018/2020) since no detailed plan has yet been completed, and no final ‘Cost – estimate has been obtained.

2/ Sarah Heywood (Strategic finance manager) told the authority’s Economic & Environmental Committee the estimated completion costs are expected to significantly exceed £16:9m
Fails to say where the enormous shortfall may come from.. The for-ever bottomless pile of money Cllr James Palmer (Mayor combined authority) may contribute – and no word from Cllr Palmer – maybe he is best holding back until a more ‘accurate’ figure is given.

3/ Construction by Kier will commence as soon as the design phase has been approved, with the road likely to open in Spring 2020
It is my understanding having spoken with both Whittlesey County Councillors, Cllr Boden and Cllr Connor recently that the award the contract to actually build the Bridge/Road has NOT been awarded to anyone yet let alone Kier.

4/ The article states the Land purchase in place.
That maybe correct – but as of yesterday NO contracts had been signed.

It is their understanding that the contract is in (2) phases.
(a) Design and Costing.
(b) Building of the project.
Kier is carrying out the first phase, and once this goes to Cambs CC and to committee, it will decided then whether to let Kier carry on or to put out to tender for others to bid.

Having read this poorly put out press release only confuses the general public even more, add on some social media wind up and what do we end with…..FAKE NEWS.

NO FAKE News Here…..

I may well attend the next committee meeting in Cambridge on 13th September….

You can read the article in The Peterborough Telegraph™ by

Click on this Link

There is also a comment from Ms Jan Leach

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