Nice One – Maybe – Too Late…..

So – there must be an election in the not too distant future (May 2019) – Well councillors in the Stonald Ward have put out a newsletter – the first one for some considerable time, after the last local elections, there was one or two councillors who posted an update on the ‘newish’ Whittlesey TC Website… alas it didn’t last very long.
Even Cllr Martin Curtis who ran a very active website/blog for a number of years – stopped and fizzed out, only to be found on ‘Social Media’ – desperate for some ex councillor – Gary Swan has become so bored I understand he posts on the March Social Media.
It is a great pity that our councillors can not find the odd 5 or 10 minutes once in a while to update their electorate, some FDC councillors do and I return to Conservative Councillor – Peterborough Cllr Chris Harper who keeps his area/electorate very well informed of what’s happening in Park Farm/Cardia area.

Many including myself are not ‘comfortable’ on social media – the reasons are well known.
Abuse, Trolling, Threats, and Innuendo to name a few.

So I well expect some of our other councillors will be following with a news update in the run up to next years elections – sorry ladies and gents you should be doing this on  much more regular basis….
A great deal of Whittlesey and surrounding area are relying on me to give very regular updates.
Which I am more than happy to provide….

I am Roy Gerstner, known as a community activist.
I lobby and ask questions.
I attend meetings all over the area, whether it be:
Council, Planning, Health, Education, Policing, Criminal Justice,
Library Services or Environmental Issues….just to name a few.

I go to these meetings to hear at first hand what is happening and what concerns and issues are being raised – I report on these meetings as I see and hear what is said. I will support good things for our town/villages, but will fight for fair play.

I have run this web/blog for nearly 8 years…… quite an achievement even though I say myself. I receive no payments from anyone and claim no expenses from anyone.
I pay for the hosting of this site myself.
I am Independent of all political groups and have never subscribed or made payments to any political organisation.

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