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Sorry but if you had read my article on the 11th July about the Kings Dyke Crossing, I stated then, that it was well known that the funding of the ‘Bridge’ was going to be somewhat higher as ‘delays’ mounted.
Of course ‘if’ our County Council & Councillors are or were not aware of some ‘simple’ mathematics then there is something seriously wrong.

There is much more detail in the Cambs Times© article Click Here –
From when Ex County Councillor’ Nick Clark – instigated the building of the bridge.
23rd February 2013
He recognised problems of a “whole community getting stuffed during the floods” but even so there was surprise at county council leader Nick Clarke’s announcement of a £15million bridge at Kings Dyke, Whittlesey.
“How on earth can we not get on and deal with something that after all is just plain common sense?” said Cllr Clarke.

The bridge will be no dim and distant dream since a report going to Cabinet next week will outline both a projected time scale and how it will be funded. The bridge could open within three years.
Cambridgeshire council tax payers will pay for up to two thirds of it whilst Network Rail will chip in most of the rest- with extra cash maybe coming from elsewhere.

Cllr Clarke said around 100 trains a day use the line and this could increase to 244 trains daily – an increase of 150% by 2031. In addition some 11,000 vehicles use the A605 at King’s Dyke daily and long tail backs build up regularly when the barriers are down.
“During winter months the problems caused by the level crossing are made worse when the alternative route to Peterborough via the B1040 is closed because of flooding,” he said.

Now a great deal has changed since this article in the Ely Standard© Click Here in 2013
including the very rapid demise of CC Clark – he was one of the drivers who kick started the present project.

I again quote from a local surveyor and estate agent who said at a WTC meeting 2 years ago, “That the land required for the KD Crossing should be compulsory purchased

Undoubtedly a vast amount has been paid to land-owners who it would appear have held out to maximise their asset (like most would do) – As I quoted before, it was told to me that any short fall in funding would have to come from Cambs CC – maybe that has changed as well.
With little or no light on todays horizon – we can all hope and wait to see how this debacle will ever end.

Finally here is another article from the Cambs Times© 20th April 2017

Tory candidate for mayor pledges to sort out ‘delays’ over the Kings Dyke crossing, Whittlesey – a week after county council puts £16m project out to tender!
A pledge by Tory candidate for mayor James Palmer to sort out “delays caused by the present system” was made a week after Cambridgeshire County Council put the £16m Kings Dyke bridge, Whittlesey, out to tender.

A spokesman for Cambridgeshire County Council, said tonight: “The tender for King’s Dyke was sent out as planned in early April with a response deadline of mid June.”

Earlier this week Cllr Palmer, on a visit to Whittlesey, had promised that “if elected I will make sure it is completed as promised”
Picture Cambs Times®

The East Cambs Council leader, who has stepped down from the county council, had outlined what he called his vision for Cambridgeshire and Peterborough that was “the desire for wealth and prosperity to be more evenly distributed across the county,” he said.

“This will only happen if the north of the county gets the transport investment it needs. That means a train station for Wisbech, a solution to the King’s Dyke crossing, and significant upgrades at Whittlesey train station.

“If elected mayor next month, I will do everything I can to ensure that all these objectives are delivered.”

The scheme was first promised in February 2013 by the then county council leader Nick Clarke with a view to it opening in 2016.

However despite funding being secured it has been hampered by delays over land acquisition and recently compulsory purchase orders have been muted as a possible resolution.

At the very earliest the county council says completion is unlikely until December 2018 – the most recent report said if legal issues over land occur it could be put back to the end of 2019.

Now elected James Palmer has been somewhat very quiet over the KD crossing, maybe he would like to update us all since his election promise….

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