Latest Crime In/Around Whittlesey

Burglary update – Quinion Close Yesterday morning, Victim has left front and rear doors to their property open due to the warm weather and has noticed wallet has been stolen from inside the house. No further info at this stage.

Sometime during Monday 25th June, North Green Coates. An address has allegedly been
broken into – nothing stolen. However reports suggest a room has been turned over.

We all know when it is hot we tend to leave doors and windows open – just make sure you are in to room if you do this and the close when you leave.

I am pleased to report that the members of Whittlesey Neighbourhood Watch have received a very comprehensive report for Neighbourhood Policing in/around Fenland.
This gives us an insight to how the Police are prioritising their work.
The report is for the membership only and trusted partnerships (Councils).

If you would like to receive these reports and e-cops messages why not join the UK’s largest voluntary organisation…..
Contact Robin Sutton, for assistance/help in registration at-
[email protected]


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