Very Good News For Our Library/Community Hub…..

A ‘Full House’ at last night’s ‘Friends of Whittlesey Library’ meeting, not often All the committee are present.
Joining us from Cambs CC was Nathian Jones and from The Library Services Jackie Racey.
The ‘Friends’ are very good supporters of our ‘local’ Library & Community Hub and have purchased a number of enhancements.
Fantastic news from Nathian, The Arts Council have awarded 4 years of funding to Cambs CC Library Services, this funding will be used to bring, Art, Events, Workshops etc to those Libraries.
On my previous post – There will be a selection party to be held on Thursday 14th June between 6:30 – 7:30pm when anyone can attend and help select what they think the ‘Library’ may put on later in the year… The choice is yours…!

FOWL are also looking at producing a new logo and there is a competition for children to enter…. see below…

April Poster Friends of Whittlesey Library Logo Competition 2

Friends of Whittlesey Library are ALL volunteers and their next meeting will be on:-
Tuesday 26th June at 7:00 – Rear entrance to the Library – everyone welcome….

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