Excellent NQS – PPG Meeting

The New Queen Street Surgery Patients Participation Group are doing very well, set up to act as an ‘interface’ between Doctors/Surgery and its Patients, I am one of the original founders of the group.
We get to hear directly from the management – their issues and challenges that they have in an ever expanding population, we in turn inform the surgery of not only our concerns, but feedback we get from the patients at large.

The PPG is NOT a forum for complaints – there is a set mechanism in place for patients who wish to complain.
There was 15 attendees at this evenings meting a good turnout.

The group have raised awareness of the Surgery and has also raised money to buy various items for the benefit of the patients, the most recent was a cooled fresh water machine.
One item always brought up is that of getting appointments….this is nothing new and the surgery/doctors and management are very aware of this concern.
Did you know that 15% of appointments – patients do not turn up, that equates to several slots that could be used by other patients – every working day…..
You will be able to meet some of the PPG at their ‘Awareness Week’ 4th to 9th June –
They will also be at the surgery on Saturday 7th July during the NHS 70th anniversary Year.
More news in a few days….

Sorry to report the demise of the Jenner Health Centre PPG – I don’t know the details but what I do know is that their patients no longer have any avenue or representation to either their Doctors or Management in the same way that they had previously.

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